“A Letter to White Evangelicals from a White Evangelical” by Cole Brown

Cole Brown wrote an article last week confronting a tragic trend among white Evangelicals. He challenges us all to be further transformed by the Gospel of Jesus with humility and courage.

If you follow Jesus, please consider his words. And if you don’t follow Jesus, then pleaseeven more soconsider the hope and grace of Jesus’ salvation!

Please, oh please, join me in listening to the hearts of our brothers and sisters! Let’s learn to listen humbly to those who experience injustice, be it from racial prejudice or other forms. Regardless of our political positions, we as the Church need to change the way we handle the issue of racial injustice. We can’t afford to dismiss others’ stories just because we have not experienced the same perspective and pain.


Published by

A Musing RePerson

I am a follower of Jesus who loves learning, hearing people's stories, and extending grace. I also struggle deeply with issues that are stigmatized (mental health, and gender/sexual identity, and chronic pain). I write to be a voice for those who have been similarly isolated.

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