Rain Stick Fiasco

I went to my parents house for the night and slept in my sister’s high bunk bed since she’s still at school. In the middle of the night, I noticed that on one side of the bed there were a lot of crumbs by my feet, really STRONG crumbs. Hopefully it’s not mouse poison or something, I thought. 

I just woke up to the soothing sound of a rain stick. But, why would someone be playing with a rain stick in here while I’m sleeping? I figured that something must be falling but wasn’t troubled by it because, you know, rain sticks. They sound so nice. I woke up enough to reach down, and I caught the corner of a bag just as it was escaping from the windowsill toward the floor. I found a light source, and — oooh, oh no. In my hand was an open, half-full (empty?) bag of rice. So that’s what those crumbs were

The “strong crumbs” I felt in the middle of the night

I’m afraid to look. The rice started on the bed, slid onto the windowsill, then either landed on the desk or the floor. 

Sis, I’m not sure why there was an open bag of uncooked rice on your bunk bed, but I’m sorry that I spilled it all over your room. I’m also sorry that you didn’t get to hear the pleasant part of the situation — waking up to the rice waterfall. That was really nice. Spilled rice isn’t very awesome, but I’m thankful that it is uncooked and that it wasn’t mouse poison.  


I found bravery from deep within to investigate. Here’s what I found: 

View: window and desk from the bed


View: directly under the bed
Despite the fact that there are grains spanning the entire room, it could be much worse. Next time I’m sleeping in someone else’s bed, though, I’ll check for bags of strong crumbs before falling asleep. 


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A Musing RePerson

I am a follower of Jesus who loves learning, hearing people's stories, and extending grace. I also struggle deeply with issues that are stigmatized (mental health, and gender/sexual identity, and chronic pain). I write to be a voice for those who have been similarly isolated.

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